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25.08.2015 10:47

Dear Mineworkers, veterans of coal-mining industry, people of West Donbas!


On behalf of Dnepropetrovsk Unions territorial organization of mine-workers of coal-mining industry of Ukraine it is a great pleasure to congratulate you on the professional Holiday – the Day of Mine-worker! Thanks to you our coal field is alive and developing.

You accomplish a daily feat working under the earth stratum. The black gold comes at the cost of your hard and dangerous work. The most significant and important quality of a mine-worker has been reliability, readiness to place a shoulder and give a hand to his friend during the critical situation. By far not everybody is given a courage to acquire a profession of real men and become an integral part of solid miner’s brotherhood which will always be at the head of working movement.

Unfortunately on the threshold of a holiday we have to talk that currently the state does not recognize hazardous work of mine-workers having canceled all social benefits which were won by the union in the struggle for social and economic rights and freedoms. “PavlogradCoal” has been operating in spite of the state actions. We survived winter due to the selfless labour of our mine-workers who ensure not only energetic security of the country. Currently they protect the border of our Motherland at the anti-terrorist area.  Miner’s profession is one of the most dangerous trades. And we loose our mine-workers not only in coal-faces. More than 20 young mine-workers of West Donbas gave their lives in the east of Ukraine. Their friends have to work hard with a triple energy in faces.

Thank you very much and compliments to everyone, dear mine-workers, for your industry, courage and professionalism! Dear Veterans! Just you created a glory for the coal field. It is important for us to maintain good traditions of the West Donbas miner’s generations. Worthy young generation is growing up at “PavlogradCoal” enterprises increasing of many thousands union organization.

It should be done to have the profession of mine-worker aroused pride and respect, and deserved good payments. Children and grandkids should see the prestigious of the profession of a mine-worker and follow in their parents’ footsteps creating the miner’s dynasties.

I’d like to wish you welfare and prosperity, good health, peace and mutual understanding.  May every house be in joy and children’s laugh, warm and prosperity!


Sergey Yunak,

President of Dnepropetrovsk Unions territorial organization of mine-workers of coal-mining industry of Ukraine, deputy of regional council


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